Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver Download– In fact, the Canon Pixma Home MG3600 is possibly the cheapest multifunction printer we reviewed in this blog. Regardless of how many other devices we review in the future, we believe it is in the top ten for affordable multifunction printers. The fact that you can get the Canon Pixma Home MG3600 with almost nothing is something that should thrill you. At the same time, however, it should also make you suspicious. You can find out why in the rest of this review.

Did we mention that this device is cheap? Of course yes. This is a basic device that can be purchased for about $ 50, the lowest possible for an inkjet printer. This will be the biggest draw of this machine for most individual users in the country. However, when you look deeper, there are even more advantages, benefits and strengths of the Canon Pixma Home MG3600.

The only strength that really makes the low cost of the Canon Pixma Home MG3600 look even better is its output quality. If there is anything this OEM is known for, it is the quality of the output and this is also evident with this device. The output quality of this device is excellent especially if you consider the price. Text and graphics output is very sharp and clear, with sharp distinction, while photographic prints are colorful and vibrant.

Behind this excellent output quality is Canon’s renowned full-photolithography (FINE) inkjet engineering technology that creates two drops of picoliter ink. Incidentally, this device can print with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dots per inch (dpi). The device also performs better than most competitors in scanning. Generally, printer manufacturers do not pay much attention to the scanners on their machines. This results in most printers with medium scanning devices. The Canon Pixma Home MG3600 does very well in this area in terms of the quality of the created images. Scanning speed is not that bad, around 14 seconds per image. One feature we did not expect on a basic device is automatic duplexing. However, the MG3600 stands out by offering it to users. Automatic duplexing can be helpful in saving paper, resulting in considerable long-term money savings.

The Canon Pixma Home MG3600 is also very efficient when it comes to power consumption. The MG3600 is one of the most energy efficient printers on the market with an approximate consumption of only 1.4 W in standby mode while connected to the PC. Connecting this multifunction printer to your computer is also very easy. You can do this through the supplied USB 2.0 port or even go wireless. Unfortunately, there are no Ethernet ports, but they are usually missing and not required for personal use. Wireless connection brings benefits like mobile printing. The Canon Pixma Home MG3600 supports Air Print, Google Cloud Print, Mopria and PIXMA / MAXIFY Printing solutions.

The biggest problem with the Canon Pixma Home MG3600, as is the case with all economical printers, is the running cost. When you buy a machine as advanced as the inkjet printer for about $ 50, you have to stop and ask why. OEMs sell these lossy devices because they expect to recover these losses with multiple cartridge replacements. This is why these devices are very cheap to purchase but expensive to run. The same goes with this machine.

By using genuine cartridges, you can expect to pay around 19.61 cents for each print, which can increase quickly if you print a lot. On the other hand, you can reduce this outlay by using generic cartridges. These compatible cartridges will likely reduce your costs per page to 15.63 cents. The operating cost of this device is also high because its cartridges contain their own printheads. This increases the cost of each cartridge, which increases the cost of operation. This is a design decision that can best be explained by the OEM, but we think they did it in the interest of keeping the device compact.

The Canon Pixma Home MG3600 is marketed as a multifunction printer, which is technically. However, multifunction printers are generally expected to have a fax function, which this device does not have.

This can be seen as a glitch, but few people fax documents in today’s world, so you can ignore it too.


IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 Drivers Setup for Android/ Tablets/ Mobile

File Name
IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 Android Drivers Download

IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 Drivers Setup for Windows

File Name
IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 Full Driver & Software Package
IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 XPS Printer Driver Windows
IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 MP Printer Drivers

IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 Drivers Setup for Mac Os X

File Name
IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 Full Driver & Software Package OS X
IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600  CUPS Printer Driver Mac
IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600  ICA Printer Driver Mac

IJ Start Canon PIXMA MG3600 Drivers Setup for Linux

File Name
IJ Printer Driver Canon PIXMA MG3600 for Linux (Source file)
IJ Printer Driver Canon PIXMA MG3600 for Linux (debian Packagearchive)
IJ Printer Driver Canon PIXMA MG3600 for Linux (rpm Packagearchive)
ScanGear MP Canon PIXMA MG3600 for Linux (Source file)
ScanGear MP Canon PIXMA MG3600 for Linux (debian Packagearchive)
ScanGear MP Canon PIXMA MG3600 for Linux (rpm Packagearchive)

Canon PIXMA MG3600 Driver Download

Source file from: Canon USA Printers
Canon PIXMA MG3600 Reviews Printers– The Pixma MG3600 is a cheap and versatile multifunction inkjet printer for home users – but, as always with a low-cost printer, you need to keep an eye on the cost of replacement ink cartridges.
The color screen may not be visible, but you can find all the major printing features you need. Along with the basic printers, scanners, and copier features, the MGS 3600 offers both USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with support for both duplex and iOS devices with Apple AirPrint. It also has the ability to control scanners and store scanned images directly on mobile devices, as well as apps for iOS and Android that offer additional options for printing photos.

Printing performance is also suitable for low-cost devices. The print speed is relatively modest – we have 9 pages per minute when printing a simple text document, 5ppm for colour, while the postcard was 6x4in in print for 50 seconds – but that’s fine for everyday use at home. Both text and graphic output are good, and our photo print is bright and colorful, so the MG3600 can definitely handle a wide range of print jobs.However, we saw the size of the Canon small ink cartridge and immediately started the alarm bells. If you are shopping online you can find a standard black ink cartridge sold for about £11, with standard three-color cartridges – including all three cyan, magenta and yellow-colored inks – coming in at about £14. The black cartridge lasts just about 180 pages, until it finds that the price is too bad, works out at just 6p per page-astronomical price for simple text printing. Luckily, the larger XL black cartridge provides a better value for £17 for 600 pages. In other words, we offer prices up to 2.8 p per page, but for mono printing it’s still more than average

Luckily color printing is more sensible. The standard three-color cartridge of £14 provides a cost of about 7.8 p per fence on a page, which is very average for inkjet color printing. Step up from £18 to XL cartridge and the cost falls surprisingly reasonable 4.5 p per page. Nevertheless, the high cost of Canon black ink cartridges is still disappointing. Canon’s rivals have launched new products such as Epson’s Ecotank printers and HP instant ink subscriptions, which do a lot to reduce the long-term cost of printing, while Canon seems to stick to the traditional approach of selling printers cheaply. The replacement cartridge will generate huge revenue.

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